Intensed Pulse Light is very modern technology with high, light energy which takes part in many cosmetic and medical treatments. IPL has many endings, which make possible using one equipment for many treatments, such as Photoepilation and Photorejuvenation.

IPL means:

  • wide spectrum of working

  • easy change of spectrum

  • easy change of impulse shape

  • large surface of working

RF - Radio Frequency

What Radio Frequency is?

  • It is an equipment which uses the newest technology for liquidation of wrinkles, reduction of cellulite and slimming. It is only one, non-ablative treatment, thanks for it we can reach true visible effects.
  • RF is very often called “deep hot”.
  • It causes growth of temperature about 5-7°C.
  • During Radio Frequency process reversible denaturation of collagen takes place . Fibroblasts are energizing to product new collagen. The deep layers of skin are also heating . This treatment is very safe , it doesn’t destroy the epidermis, because of controlling heating to 45°C. Just after the treatment patient can go back to normal life. Most results are visible after couple months. Long term searching confirm the efficiency of treatments.

No-needle mesotherapy

No-needle mesotherapy - It is non-surgical method of initiation active components into a membrane’s cells and corneum stratum. Electroporations makes skin’s penetrability increase. It is completely safe and painless method.

This is how it looks:

Vacuum Lipotherapy

Vacuum therapy is non-ablative method, which rely on vacuum induction of upper layers of skin. Induction opens blood vessels, which were closed because of energy pumping blood to the heart. The results of close vessels are: accumulation of fatty, cellulite and many other pathologies of connective tissue.

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