Thermalipolisis treatment

RFThe most visible effects in cases:

• cellulite
• fatty
• absence of body firmness

Radio Frequency:

It is a very modern treatment, which rely on removing imperfections. It is non-surgical, safe action. For this kind of treatments we use Radio Frequency technology, which is nowadays the most effective and the best-known. During the treatment take place the heating skin and body about 5-7°, so the final temperature is 45°C.

Heated collagen fibers renew their structure. Highest temperature stimulates fibroblasts to production of new proteine: collagen and elastin, which provoke extension of tension and elasticity of skin.

What is more? Radio Frequency technology is based on selective thermo inductive, because of it fat go to lipolysis.

Because of unusual possibility of this equipment during the series we can get:

• reduction of advanced cellulite
• effective reduction of fat tissues (body modeling and slimming)
• body firming
• shallow of scars and stria

Long term searching made by European Universities proves that radio frequency is vey effective.

The treatment is completely safe, after it the patient is relaxed.

Contraindications for treatment:

  • pregnancy and burst’s feeding

  • epilepsy

  • Cancer illness

  • pacemaker

  • metal implants inside the organism

  • higher temperature and infections

  • skin damages ( only in treatment’s place)

Results after the series of treatment:

Woman (abdomen) 3 times per week-12 series

decrease 76 cm > 72,5 cm > decrease: 3,5 cm

Man (abdomen) 3times per week-12 series

decrease 87 cm > 80,5 cm > decrease: 6,5 cm

Woman (abdomen) 3times per week-12 series

decrease 82 cm > 76 cm > decrease: 6 cm

The prices In others from
Thermolipolisis of the body RF®
(50 minutes)
95 pln
150 pln
Thermolipolisis of the one chosen part
(abdomen, buttocks, thighs, backs + shoulders)
95 pln100 pln


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