Vacuum Lipotherapy
LipoIt is under pressure massage, which works on skin and connective tissues.

Physiological acts:

  • improves blood circulation

  • regenerate deformed fibers in body

  • promote lymph

  • better metabolism

  • improve skin


  • cellulite dissolution

  • fatness care

  • body modeling

  • scar care

Interesting question:

What Aerofat is ?

Aerofat is a new aerodynamic system device developed for partial fatness cure, alleviating slight pain, skin trouble cure and defects tissue by applying physical energy to skin by using programmed pressure.

Aerofat gives physical energy to skin by using programmed pressure.

What Vacuum Lipotherapy is?

Vacuum therapy is non-ablative method, which rely on vacuum induction of upper layers of skin. Induction opens blood vessels, which were closed because of energy pumping blood to the heart. The results of close vessels are: accumulation of fatty, cellulite and many other pathologies of connective tissue.

What kind of solutions proposes Vacuum Therapy by Aerofat?

When the blood vessels are opened, Aerofat improves potential of oxygen and nutritional components supply to our upper layers of skin. At the same time the count of removing toxin is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks for continuous induction it causes lymphatic drainage.

How and when we can see results of treatments?

Just after the first treatment patient feel much better, but visible results occur after the series of 12-15 treatments. We usually recommend 2 or 3 treatments per week. Most of patients notice degradation of clothes sizes about 1-2 sizes.

Aerofat increases liquid circulation. Patient goes home in really good mood. Fatty molecules are removing from body together with urine.

During the session it is recommended to drink a lot of water and eat only low-fat dishes . It is also very good to make physical exercises.

How long is the session?

One single treatment takes about 50 minutes. It is the proper time for breaking up cumulative fat and body modeling.

For whom this treatment is?

This kind of treatments are suitable for people fighting with obesity (abdomen, legs, hips and buttocks). It reduces fatty tissue and cellulite.

        Additional advantages

The Aerofat’s treatment stimulate also blood circulation. The result is beautiful, smooth skin.

Hygiene and safety

Because we would like you to feel safety and comfortable our Aerofat’s treatments are making is special Body Suit. It protects the skin. Every patient gets Body Suit in Institutes or can even buy it for her own. We have all sizes.

Check out a movie about the treatment:

The prices In others from
Lipodermology Treatment
(whole body)
95 pln

125 pln


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